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Energy Healing – When feeling stressed – physically, mentally or emotionally over a consistent period of time, our bodies can become tired & exhausted – hence, energetically depleted. Anxieties can arise. Pain and discomforting conditions can manifest within any of the systems of the body, be it – digestive, nervous, muscular-skeletal, cardio-vascular, reproductive etc … which can present it’s own issues.

Reiki – Intuitive Energy Healing;
Is an intuitive spiritually guided comforting, relaxing, therapeutic healing energy which helps raise the energetic vibration in the client, assisting in balancing the entire being-
Aiding in the relief & release of where pain, disharmony, imbalance, or systemic discomforts are present by working in tandem with the mind/body’s own innate healing intelligence to stimulate and support self healing.

A beneficial aid in the relief of :

Anxiety – Stress – Fatigue – low energy – Neuralgia – Arthritic – Systemic discomforts – Body aches & pains – emotional strain & much more
This 1 hour session is carried out by Ian Cunningham


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